First check the location where the house is located and how well it is popular. Check if it is in a too remote place or in the heart of the city, the reason being you have to travel that much distance from your work and other places.
Calculate the distance to reach from your house to the city. If the distance is too high, Check whether you have the mode of transport to reach your house. How will it affect your children.It will be better if your house is some distance away from the city but not in remote area.
Check the local nearby restaurants and shops available near to your house. Calculate how long will it take to reach your house. This will be important to you for deciding whether to purchase grocerries once a week or often. This will also be applicable for other things also to determine whether you can reach it easily.
Check whether proper drainage system is available in the roads nereby where you plan to purchase your home. If proper drainage system is not available, then during rainy seasons your area may get floodded with rain water which will make your transportation to your home harder. It will also bring more diseases due to rainwater stagination.The worst factor is these water may enter into your home sometimes if your house is in ground floor.
Also consider whether the area you plan to buy is pleasant. Also check whether it will be more pleased to live for your kids also and to playa round, cycle around. Check whether it is safe for them to move around freely in neighbourhoods.
Check the amount of pollution in the area. if the area is in the heart of the city then there will be more pollution. If it is in the outskirt of city pollution will be less. The pollution affects your health also. In the case ofmetropolitan city the pollutions are very high.
Calculate the value of the area after certain years in future and whether there is a scope for better appreciation should also be considered before finalising the purchase of house. Also check the land value of the nereby flats.
If Bus or train acess is nearer to the house then it adds more value to the house. Many people find houses near by to bus or train access so that it would be easy for them to move from a place to another. You can also sell it in the future.
In these days you cannot build individual houses in a metropolitan city. It consists of apartments mostly. So if your apartment is in the last floor, In hot countries during summer it is hard to live with. So the floor where your flat should also be considered.