03 January 2020


The only thing that never change is 'CHANGE' itself. All other things will always keep changing. 'Trend' is the word that indicates change. Let's have a look on the recent trends in interior design. We never had an idea about the interior works before. We were following the same old patterns. The whole responsibility of choosing the best was on the builders. Now things have turned out well. Today we are aware of the latest designs through internet and other sources. Now a days we started showing interest on these things. Optimum utilization of the space is one of the important thing that we focus at. We make sure that there is no space left at home as unused.


The place where our health is made. Classy concealed and clean kitchen is on trend now. Pewter and gunmetal gives some texture and depth to fixtures. Open shelving will give a western touch your kitchen. People are getting more attached with nature and it increases the demand of wooden accessories and Eco-friendly designs. No more light colors, Using contrast colors in the kitchen is on trend. Bringing digital technology in to the kitchen creates revolution. Features like morning cappuccino and wine technology takes your kitchen to the next level. Think about the coffee that being prepared before you get out of the bed. WiFi enabled espresso makers does that for you. Wine technology has developed from big wine fridges to restaurant quality single pour preservation systems.


The place where our day starts. Refreshing your body and soul starts from here. After waking up we go for a shower and that makes the day. Even your home is not that luxury, go for a luxurious bathroom. Lots of varieties are available for bathroom interiors today. Give your bathroom a modern look with geometric shapes and patterns. Freestanding tubs with rectangular shape is hitting the market now. As simple is elegant, use minimal colors and make it more graceful. Adding mid-century furniture and wood elements will give it a classy look. Place a small pot of flower or a green plant to bring the outdoors inside. Modern lighting will give a perfect finishing, so be wiser while choosing it.