Little drops make the mighty ocean

29 January 2020

If there is another world war, it will be for water. Water, the essential need of a human, is facing scarcity these days. The importance of water conservation is also increasing day by day. We have various kinds of water-saving processes like diminishing the overuse of water, collecting unpurified water and purifying it and, so on. Rainwater harvesting is the water conservation technique that saves the rainwater and converts them for domestic use.
For saving water on apartments, the best way is rain harvesting itself. Rain harvesting uses storage tanks or recharge pit for conservation. For apartments, we use storage tanks more. In rooftop rain harvesting, there will be a rainwater inlet, a suction tank, a collection tank and, a water storage tank. The suction tank collects the rainwater and filters it. Then, the water has sent to the collection tank, and finally, it goes to the water storage tank. It’s easy as that.
Rain harvesting on apartments has several advantages. Conservation of energy and water is the first one. It reduces flooding on roads near your apartments and can also reduce the consumption of water. Rainwater harvesting is less expensive, and its implementation and maintenance are easy to do. It will save your water bill to an extent. Skywalk provides rainwater harvesting facilities and takes a step ahead in water conservation.