Digital door

29 January 2020

Did I lock the door properly? This question is always a nightmare for every housekeeper. When we have expensive materials inside, this sounds more fearful. The door lock deals with security issues. We have been following the conventional method of using the lock and key for years. It’s not that easy to adopt a new method while everyone trusts the old one. However, digital doors are being used by several peoples today. Hotels started to use key cards instead of the lock and key. It was highly configurable. If you are using a digital door, you will be having a lot of benefits. We have various types of digital doors in our market. Let's go through some of them.
Schlage Sense smart lock is not that attractive, and installing that won’t be an easy process. But this ensures super security to your home. You can manage the lock even if you lost your phone. You can unlock it with an illuminated smudge-proof numeric keyboard or with a physical key. New updates with the latest features are quite attractive. Now you can unlock the door with a preset voice command. Kwikset Premis is the door lock with features like touch screen keypad, keypad entry and, home kit compatibility. You can use Siri to command the door to open and close even if you don’t have an Apple TV. Its installation is simple, streamlined, and geofencing. This one is less muscular when compared to Schlage.
August smart lock pro is a classy door lock and a post modern piece of hardware. It integrates with Alexa, Apple Home kit, Google Assistant, Wink Hub and Samsung’s smart things. It has the feature of door sensing that informs us when the door is open. Kwikset Kevo Convert has plenty of app-driven features in it. Its installation process is not that easy. Keys on that will expire after a preset time. It is as simple as you can check the lock’s status and can open it even if you are not at home. Even if these digital door locks are a little expensive, they provide ultimate security to your building.